Sunday, June 30, 2013

Open Minded

Given what this part of our beautiful Province has been through the past ten days, our options of where to hike now are not limitless but limited.  After some lengthy soul searching, I found a place in my heart where I was O.K. with seeking a day of fun while so many others can't even consider that at this point in their lives.  I put the option out there it see if friends were feeling open minded like me to give it a go and was happy to have old friends and new friends come on board.  

An area that was open to us and that did not experience flooding was in Banff National Park in the Moraine Lake area near Lake Louise.  Larch Valley is known for its September Splendor but today was as opportunity to open our minds to what beauty was offered this time of year.  This was our view as we entered into Larch Valley and with some of the Ten Peaks as the backdrop.  
We carried on through the Valley to Minnestimma Lake.
The views were amazing as was the temperature which made it a great spot to stop for awhile.
Sentinnel Pass reflecting in Minnestimma Lake
Scenery shot from Larch Valley with the moon as a speck in the left sky.
This reflection reminded me to reflect on how fortunate I was to be standing in this spot today.
After visiting Larch Valley, we headed back and then carried on towards Eiffel Lake.  This is where the Valley of Ten Peaks views can take your breath away.  The trail to this point was clear of snow and dry but I could see ahead something else that could take my breath away and this time, not in a good sense.  My nemesis!  A steep snowy slippery slop!  
I had a moment or so of self talk just trying to convince myself to be open minded about these slopes and give them a try.  I crossed three, that was enough and I could not bring myself to cross this one.  I told my friends to carry on, I would wait here.  Once they were around the corner and out of sight, I sat down and had a very personal moment behind my sunglasses.  I was disappointed I could not carry on, I felt sad that I still find it hard to accept that I cannot conquer this nemesis.  
After having that personal moment, I then remembered that today was all about being open minded.  Look at where I was!  Look at that view!  Feel the warmth of the sun!  All of these, I am sure,  so many other folks would give dearly to be experiencing today.  It wasn't long when I saw my friends return. Their choice was to come and spend the time dining and relaxing with me instead of further along the trail.  Thank you for that!
We still had the snow slopes to cross back over upon our return trip.  With assistance I made it, and then this last one I was able to cross on my own.  While hiking back, with the mid day sun now on the adjacent mountains, we could here avalanche after avalanche after avalanche with some being quite thunderous.   
I was happy with how today turned out and was glad I got to share the day with old friends and to make some new friends.  The day felt like a gift to me and I accepted it with an open heart.  Any doubts about taking a day to have fun were squashed when Canmorites and Banffites applauded that we came from Calgary to show our love and support for the mountains and their communities.  It is days like this that make me feel like I am "on top of the world"!


  1. I was there the day before you on the 29th! The trek to the end was very worth while, unfortunate you couldnt go on. little cross path streams, snow slopes, and marmots, and sun! Totally an eye opener ;)

  2. The sunshine is making up for the wet spring. Lovely panoramas. Happy hiking!

  3. Wonderful post! We share in that healthy respect for those snow slopes too. All in good time for sure. Thank you so much for your recent comment as well, which I responded to on my blog.
    Very thoughtful of you,


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