Sunday, May 26, 2013

Snowy Sunday

With a much less than stellar forecast to hit the hills on Saturday, I planned a trek for Sunday just to mix things up and to take the opportunity to try a break in the routine of being "out & about" only on Saturdays every weekend.  Having a bone dry road west and then south for approximately 55 minutes, arriving at the Dawson Equestrian Area to see it clear and dry except for a medium size puddle in the middle and then beginning the hike on a dry summer-like trail, all contributed to having high expectations that we would be enjoying a summit visit today on Cox Hill and even be able to take in some of Jumpingpound Ridge.  
About ninety minutes into our ascent, we still believed we would reach our summit but maybe not go beyond it.  Then, after a good two hours of ascending, those expectations we had at the trail head came to a screeching halt and we even questioned would we be able to summit today.   We went from dry trail, to a wet trail, to ankle deep snow, then knee deep snow, then at times it was thigh and hip deep.
But oh my gosh, the scenery was so pretty!
Moose Mountain off in the distance!
We reached the open area where we could access the slope up to the summit of Cox Hill.  We could see the indent where the large switchback was.  That switchback looked doable but getting to it was questionable as were the conditions on the slope.  Time now was not in our favour as we ate up too much of it already ascending through the deep snow.  I made the decision that where we stood right now was our summit for today.
We made our way towards the more open area where the snow seemed not as deep and supportive.  The sun felt hot, there was no wind, the views were spectacular and this turned out being a fine spot for lunch and photos.  I secured my high spot shot for the day then settle down for a bit to eat.
The ripply snow and scattered fluffy clouds pair up to make a great scenery shot.
After lunch, we began our hike back from where we game but along the way took a detour to a very small open high point to play.  We built a family of snowmen and donned them in our gear while we visited with them.  Maybe we should have made them facing the other way so they could eye Moose Mountain out there in the middle! 
The balance of the descent went quickly through, now, slush and mud but even that didn't dampen my spirits.  The sun shone and it was very warm!  A precious gift was discovered by a new friend which brought big smiles and a hug to be shared.  
"Embrace Today" 
I did!

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  1. So envious this morning. So glad the weather changed. I can just imagine the effect the smiley face had on you all. It's gorgeous!


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