Sunday, May 5, 2013

Roaming the Ranch

It has been awhile since I planned a day to meet new folks and spend the time together hiking.  While still not ready for great big days yet and only having a half day free, I picked my favourite local spot Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park.  I was excited to learn that my new friends had not been to the Park  yet.  We arrived at just before 9:00am and I was surprised to see the number of vehicles there already.  I suspected it was a running group doing a long run and my suspicions proved true.

A new trail in the westerly section of the Park opened up recently and I was curious to see what that area looked like.  First we had to follow Tiger Lily away from the parking lot and I am always happy to do that.  As those of you who are my followers know, I have mentioned over and over again that Tiger Lily is my favourite trail.
What a pleasant sight to see at the intersection of Tiger Lily and Badger Bowl.  The pond was full, thawed and we got to see a "happy feet" dance.  At least that's what it looks like this duck is doing.  I was happy too, the sun was out, it was warm and my new friends were fun to be in the company off.
At the end of Badger Bowl instead of hitting the hill down, we now aimed west along the new McPherson Trail.  What a bluebird day!  Hot and summer-like in the city but look at all that new snow on the mountains just a mere two hours west in the Rockies.
The new McPherson Trail reaches to the edge of Gleneagles .  
The Park website made notice that cows were pasturing in the area but this was all we saw.
It appeared this new trail is in the midst of maintenance.
Now it was time to work our way downhill to the Bowbend Trail and follow it for awhile.
Crocuses were out in full force.  We spent some time capturing their beauty.  I wasn't having much luck, the sun was so bright, I could not find a perfect angle and I was feeling a little lazy too about bending down to get close.  We found a picture perfect patch.  
I wonder if this sign is new or have I just not noticed it before.  There always seems to be new things everytime I go to this Park.  It was just after noon now and the trails were becoming busy with hikers and bikers, families, couples, groups, soloists.  It was a perfect day to be here.

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