Saturday, March 16, 2013

Snow, Snow, and more Snow.....

.....but not all in one day!
(The following photos were shot over the last few winters.)

I was trying to remember back to when I truly learned to embrace snow.

I checked through my albums to see if there was any one or set of photos that stood out causing me to have a light-bulb moment and say "that's it that's when I became hooked!"  I was looking for a snowshoeing shot of me in the center of an alpine meadow or on a mountain top, or a view of a snow covered lake or white peaks.  While I have many, many photos of exactly those scenarios, not even one was successful in switching that light on for me.  Don't get me wrong, there is no denying I absolutely love being in those places and seeing such scenes.

The realization that I did come to while going through my photos, was that I sure do like the outcome of when I play with snow and of when it plays with me.  Some of these snow shots are a few years old and were not at the forefront of the adventure from when they were snapped, but now they have been drawing me in and I have been eyeing them closer and for longer.

#1  snow drift on Nose Hill

#2  my hand prints

#3  swirling over Bull Creek Hills

#4  my shadow on an Elephant Rock

#5  snow peaks

#6  snow angel on Sulphur Mountain

#7  meringue-like snow covering Belmore Brown

#8   big cat prints maybe???

#9  etching on Moose Mountain

#10  meadow on Cox Hill

Living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada the number of winter months is usually more then the actual number of months in the winter season, snow can fall in any of the 12months and there are places where the snow never melts.  Lately, while "out & about", I have been paying particular attention to all this snow, not just to its' depth, supportiveness or layers but now I enjoy when it offers up unique appearances that play with my senses.

My favourite is #2!  It looks like moulds of hands placed on the snow but I actually pushed my hands down into the snow to make the prints.  I thought "oh what the heck just take a picture" not expecting it to turn out like it did.  Which one is your favourite?

I'm guilty!  
I'm not just a fair-weather adventurer!  
I embrace snow whether it is on the ground or in the air!

What is with you Mother Nature?
First it was clouds, then trees, now snow!  
What's next?


  1. I was impressed with the hand prints but the winner for me is your shadow on the elephant rock.

    1. Thank you Helen! How are you doing with getting a blog up and running?

  2. Wow, how did you get those hand prints? And that snow angel was awesome too. Every time I stand up, the snow angel is destroyed. Great photography.

    1. Tanya, The snow angel belonged to someone else and it was a mess at the bottom right but I was able to crop the photo so that did part not show. It helps to have someone pull you up and out once the angel is formed. As for the hand prints, that is why I wrote that I like how the unique appearances play with my senses. Thank you for your comment and I still check back to your blog to see what you and your family have been doing on those special Saturdays.

  3. They're all beautiful, and I think the wavy lines at Belmore Brown are my favourites. Winter is magical and we're so lucky to be able to play in such beautiful places and to enjoy it.


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