Monday, March 4, 2013

A Tree is a Tree is a Tree, isn't it?

What is it with trees lately? I notice I have been noticing them more lately. Have they always been there looking like they are looking? Or, only now have they begun to command my attention as I pass by? I am finding, more and more lately, that when I go through my photographs after an "out & about" day, there is always some kind of unique or beautiful tree shot. You may have picked up on that if you are a loyal follower of mine.

From the many nice tree photos in my collection, I picked out a baker's dozen to share with you in this post dedicated just to trees. You can judge for yourself if any of these trees appear to be demanding to be admired!

#1  meadow after descending Carey Ridge

#2  an autumn Friday at Burstall Pass

#3  Elbow River at Glenbow Ranch

#4  Craters of the Moon in Idaho

#5  along a trail near Dinosaur Park Campground

#6  bike/hike path at Glenbow Ranch

#7  aspens at McNabb Hills

#8  at the summit of McLean Hill

#9  slope leading to top of Mount Hoffman

#10  country road in Rosebud

#11  reflection in Yellowstone Lake

#12  looking across Tower Lake

#13  The Boundary Pine at Bull Creek Hills

From the above 13 photos, #11 is my favourite! It was taken on a gorgeous early morning at Yellowstone Lake in Wyoming this past June 2012.   It encompasses a few loves in my life.  Of course water because I have that in my roots so that love will be there forever, mountains, snow and my new found love, trees.

Do you have a favourite?

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  1. All the trees are striking, but no 11 is my favourite too. Such beauty and perfection!


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