Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Learned Something New!

Aaaah!  Now I Get It!  When I am "out & about" getting high,  I experience this fabulous sensation that I have become addicted to.  At the highest point of any of my past adventures, when I turn my back to the world behind me and "remember to breathe", I am overtaken by a powerful pull and drawn into a place of passion, a sense of serenity, a feeling of forgiveness. My world becomes a pleasant place to be and carefree!  

This sensation can last minutes but usually hours yet I am thankful for every single second.    This is truly a natural therapy.   I thought back to the countless occasions where I  surrendered and let myself be drawn in, and a few of those times I remember the strength of the pull being strongest.

These special times have occurred in amazing, breath-taking places. 
There is no better therapy then getting to such high places mentally. 

Or so I thought!  A couple of months ago, I saw the title of an article, I stored that title away for later.  I have thought about it, it is now later and aaaah, now I get it.  This explains why photography is becoming more enjoyable and I seem to be investing a little more time in taking photos.  I escape by peering through the lens becoming lost in the search for hidden beauty,  capturing tiny details, freezing special seconds in time then relishing when rewarded with images that have the potential to bring lasting wonderful memories. That article read "photography is therapy!"  

Many times I go through my older photos.  Some I delete, others I just click past them, then there are a few that I linger longer over again and again and again.  I look at them and I'm brought back to those frozen seconds in time that bring back those wonderful memories.
Aaaah, now I get it! By pairing these "out & about" adventures with photography, I have opened my heart and soul to receiving a double dose of therapy.  I have to admit, I love this part of my life.
I cherish the golden moments.
The hard work to reach these high places or the patience & determination it takes to freeze wonderful memories in time, is all worth it when it comes time to basque in the rewards.  Yes, now I get it and NOW I hope YOU get it!

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  1. I definitely know where you are coming from. I also love that we get to travel back to these special places with you. Your camera always captures the 'moment'. Thought of this post, as my friends and I finally got to walk a national park trail that has been closed for a month, due to our terrible weather. Water was cascading over rocks everywhere and the rainforest was thriving. Endless photos were taken and will be returned to often!


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