Sunday, January 1, 2012

Three for Three

And on Sunday, she shall rest!  Not me, I'll save that for tomorrow!  I wanted to be "out & about" today in a way that I wasn't the past two days so what was left to choose from was skating, running, biking or X-C skiing!  I picked skiing to make it three for three.  This sport would be the one that gets me caught up in the middle of the mountains, it would be an opportunity to try the skis yet another time, I could get a good work out without having to go very far and I would be in a place that I could play photographer afterwards.

I hit the road early and arrived at the Lake Minniwanka parking lot along with four other vehicles.  I was tempted to pass on skiing and just go back and look at the scenery I just drove by.  But, since I was there with gear in tow, I clipped in and skied off.  
The scenery was something special!  
I liked the deep grooves that were set to ski in.  
I really took to the gentle downhill sections.  
I enjoyed the views, the fresh air and the exercise.  
Now heading back, I moved over to the other lane thinking that you are suppose to stay to the right and met a bombardment of folks coming towards me in both lanes.  I kept moving out of the track until they went by for fear of a crash.  I'm pretty sure this isn't the way it is suppose to be but didn't want to say anything as I am the novice one and still learning the etiquette!  I hope to learn all this stuff when I take proper lessons.  Seven kilometers was enough, it was time to get on with my day.  
I drove back to the scenery I passed a couple of hours ago.  I took some photos of Lake Minniwanka then sat in my car facing the Lake while I had lunch.  I have been out this way many times but never in the winter.  This beats any summer day scene I have seen.
I stopped off at Cascade Ponds and hiked around it, practicing with my camera settings.  
The color of the broken ice was gorgeous.  
These are three of my favourite photos!
Feeling content with seven kilometers of skiing and lots of photography practice, it was time to call it a great way to enjoy the first day of a brand new year.  Now time to head home to spend a relaxing night. 
Today I learned that there are similarities between running and cross-country skiing.  Once you have the gear there are no other expenses other then taking lessons.  Running and X-C Ski cloths are designed the same therefore I already have the skiing wardrobe!


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