Sunday, January 15, 2012

Courtship Cancellation

Today was the day for my X-C Skimance to grow and flourish!  Instead, the date was cancelled so there wasn't an opportunity for courting to take place.  I always hate when dates get cancelled at the last moment.  I become skeptic and wonder what the real cancellation reason is.   I am terrible for getting caught up in excitement and anticipation.  To this day, I haven't learned how not to be that way and when a date gets cancelled, I deal with a great amount of disappointment. 

Today was different!  Date Cancelled = No Disappointment! When I woke this morning, there was no excitement nor anticipation.   Rather, I was ecstatic not to have to head out onto the highway west where road conditions were rated red (poor) and temperatures hoovered around -18 Degrees Celsius with a -30 degree windchill.  A year ago today, I took the chance, hit the highway west and paid big time, the cost of a car.  

As today went on and the snow stopped and the plows plowed, I threw caution to the wind and went out to breathe in the fresh cold air and exercise my lungs and legs up on Nose Hill.  I'm not sure why there are a load of these signs on the trees up on that Hill.  A portion of the sky turned blue for a very short period and I relished in it.   
There was no rhyme or reason to the route I took.  I just went!   If you look at the tip of my left hand, that spot was the only bright spot in all of the down town core.  For those of you who are from away, in front of me stretches sky scraper after sky scraper.  
Every time I hike around Nose Hill, I come across something new.  
I covered a very tiny portion of the Hill today but it was a big enough portion to give me time to ponder and to come to terms that I have a commitment phobia. I cannot commit to just one, I need to play the field.   I need to be able to go from skates to snowshoes to X-C skis and back to my skates again, maybe even skates and skis in the same day and my snowshoes the following day.  On that note, I may not commit to a hill date with my skis for next weekend.  Call me fickle, I can handle it!

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  1. There is nothing wrong with a great day on Nose Hill, any time of the year. Every spring, it is a great place to train up the summer mountain biking muscles. Great snowshoeing to look forward to when this cold snap breaks. A typical Calgary winter.


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