Sunday, January 8, 2012

Focus & Stretch

My muscles screamed at me this morning when I moved to get out of bed!  Yesterday I discovered muscles existed within me that I didn't even know were there.  It hurt to walk down the stairs,  it hurt to sit, it even hurt just standing.  I've been there before and I know what the best medicine for this is.  A good long walk to stretch and work the aching muscles.  I wasn't interested in walking just for the sake of walking so put my free pass to the Calgary Zoo to use,  and focused on practicing with my camera.  It appears I wasn't the only one focused today!  
This was the perfect day to see how good that Canon stabilizer really is!  Lately it has been very windy here in Calgary and in the Rocky Mountains.  Today in the city, gusts were reaching up to 58 km/hr.  While I wasn't actually in the Rockies today, I was in the Canadian Wilds where the wind was wild.  Looking at this photo, where I zoomed, I would say the stabilizer lived up to all the hype.
Walking around the Zoo was working wonders for my legs.  I needed to stretch my legs to get into position for some of my shots and I purposely stretched them a little further to make it more of an exercise.  I'm glad the tiger stretched its legs out from behind the tree!
After a couple of hours of walking, stretching and taking photos, I was feeling tired.  I was content with the period of time I spent at the Zoo and with what I saw and also I was curious to see the outcome of my focused practice session with my camera.  I earned a well deserved nap so headed home where I could lay my head down too!
The more I play with my camera, the happier I am with the choice I made.  There is still lots to learn and I have ear-marked a few more features to try soon.  Like I have said many times before....


  1. Your Canon stabilizer is doing the job. Excellent photos. Amazing detail. Windy may be an understatement. A run west from Calgary on Jan 4 changed dramatically after passing over Scott lake Hill onto Morley Flats. I had to slow right down to keep the car on the road. Even then it was switching into overdrive to prevent being blown back to Calgary. Amazing. Thanks for sharing the excellent pictures.

  2. These are great photos! What type of Canon do you have? I shoot with a 60d


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