Friday, December 16, 2011

Trail Trial

My new x:(c skis have been sitting by the door to my basement.  They slowly worked their way there, from my front door that leads outside to exploring and adventuring.   I have opened that basement door many times with the intentions of taking the skis down those stairs and leaving them propped against the wall in the dark.  Why did I buy them?  It was a not so smart impulse purchase!  Yet, there has to be something to the fact that they remained by the basement door and never did make it to the dark dismal basement!  I question myself on this!
I had a three hour window of opportunity this morning to fit something in.  I made the most of it and went for a trail trial on my x:(c skis.  I had no idea what to expect having never been on these kinds of skis before.  I will admit, I didn't find it easy.  I'll admit I fell three times while standing still.  I have to admit I loved the fast down hill sections. 
I owned the stadium, thank goodness.  At times I was a menace.   I don't have experience elsewhere to compare today's trails to but I was fine with the snow conditions.  I liked the wide openness, it felt safe.  It was this mornings perfect sunny warm weather that swayed my vote for the trial run.
I knew I wanted to cover about five kilometers, even though I had no idea how long that would take me.  You can cipher from the digits below, I spent quite some time not moving.  Enough said on that! 
There were times I was happy to be on my x:)skis and other times I found them awkward and frustrating to be on.  I still have lots of questions about this sport and will need to spend more time looking for answers.
Today I learned that with regards to experience levels of cross country skiing, I am whatever comes before beginner!  It will take a lot of hard work to get to a point where I feel a little bit confident and comfortable.  With that being said, I was never one to shy away from hard work!

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  1. Yay, way to go!! You'll be comfortable on them in no time. Happy holidays. Enjoy your holiday adventuring. :)


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