Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Tops

While 2011 is not over with yet and I still have two more days of adventuring left, what I have planned for those two days will not top what I already experienced this year so I feel confident in picking my "2011 Tops" right now.  It wasn't difficult to pick out five top adventures for 2011.  I didn't go for the most scenic, or the longest or the highest.  Neither did I pick adventures where I had the most fun.  I went for treks that stood out because they meant something special or because of their uniqueness.  They are listed here and are not in any particular order:

My Utah trip in May was tops in every way possible and that makes it hard to name what was most outstanding.  I will go with my day hiking the circumference of Dead Horse Point State Park.  I soloed today and owned the 14 kilometers except for 15 minutes or so when I helped a few lost souls.  I had many moments on this day where I had to pinch myself, I couldn't believe where I actually was nor seeing what I was actually seeing! It was empowering to be adventuring solo and finding my way in a brand new place in another country!

Day 2 of our three days at Elizabeth Parker Hut in mid August stood for everything I have ever wanted in adventuring in the mountains.  I got to go to bed at night and wake up in the morning in a place where I could almost reach out and touch the mountains and which was only five minutes from a trail that leads to one of the most beautiful places ever. 

When I think of "over the moon" (title for this blog post) I think of the phrases "more than expected", "above and beyond", "WOW"!  This day in late July was exactly all those and more.  It stands out because: it was a place I wanted to return to, I got to share the day with a friend before she moved away, the weather was perfect, we pretty much owned the trail, and I got to meet the Copelands.
This one-way hike in Glacier National Park opened a new door for me, for getting away from the tourist trails.  This day in early August stands out because it was full of a way more adventure then we had anticipated and I love adventure!   I felt so high on top of the world, I was sure I was flying!
I never thought hiking Pigeon Mountain would be a top memorable experience, especially when it was a mountain that I always just looked at passing by thinking boring & blah.  Much to my surprise our hike here in early November far exceeded my expectations, which may have been due to the company, the fresh fallen snow, the blue sky and being one of those days where the rewards far out-weighted the effort.  I was reminded not to judge a book by its cover!

Stay tuned for my year end post!

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