Friday, December 30, 2011

Free & Easy!

Not me!  My day was!  I was given the opportunity to enjoy today away from the office so took full advantage of this free day and escaped the city to get one last true hike in before the end of 2011!  I wanted something easy that wasn't far away, so I could save myself for New Year's Eve.  I picked Prairie Mountain.  I did escape the city, but thanks to the telephoto lens on my SX40HS, I was still able to get up close and almost personal.  I think I see my co-workers through the tower window!!!

This was my sixth time up this mountain, so by now, it would be a challenge to take unique photos from the ones I already have in my collection.   This would be a good chance to practice zooming in really close which I could never do before.  The SX40HS has a great stabilizer.  This is Calgary's down town core.  The image seems a bit grainy to me but then again, I am taking this photo from approximately 80 kms away.
The gas flare in this zoomed in shot looks very clear. 
This photo, zoomed in 35 times, taken from the summit of Prairie Mountain, of the Moose Mountain Lookout is crystal clear.  I passed two very slow fellows on the way to the summit and also two passed by me on their way back down.  I was glad to own the summit for awhile so I could play and practice.
I checked out this quinzee.  The entrance is on the far side.   It was quite a size, much taller then me.  I'm sure it was lots of work to build.  I tried to see inside but the angle was such that I couldn't without sliding down into it. 
The last photo I took was my summit shot.  This summit shot pose is unique to Prairie Mountain.  I like to think of it as my summit siesta shot.  No time for a siesta today though!
As you can see from the digits below, it was quick and it was easy!  I was finished by lunch time, so checked out Elbow Falls, had lunch in my car then headed back to the city.  I thoroughly enjoyed this free and easy day!  

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  1. Your new camera is amazing! Where's the snow?? We had seven feet (measured with a probe at our lunch spot) on today's snowshoe hike. Happy New Year!!


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