Monday, June 27, 2011

Small but Significant

No more big vacations for me this year since spending nine days in Moab in May.  I do have four small get-a-ways booked so far for this summer.  They are small in number of days and short in distance from Calgary but no less significant!  

I have a night of camping by a lake booked! Does this lake look familiar?  It's a place with amazing scenery, everything I need with in walking distance of where my tent will be.  I will get to experience sunset and sunrise by a lake surrounded by mountains right out my front door.
I will be waking up in my tent on my birthday!  My one night camping trip in June was so successful, it's time to try two consecutive nights car camping.  I even have the same site booked as before.
I already know two consecutive nights will be successful, so I am being optimistic and went ahead and booked four consecutive nights but this time around, I will be spending them car camping in Glacier National Park in Montana.  I booked a site at a larger campground where there will be lots of people and psychologically that makes me feel safer in bear country.
Then comes the most exciting small get-a-way!  A friend invited me to join her for two nights at the Elizabeth Parker Hut in Yoho National Park.  This hut is on the door step of Lake O'Hara.  To get the opportunity to spend nights here, you enter a lottery in December and keep your fingers crossed that your name gets drawn.  I am excited to hike in this area again and also to be here once all the bus people have left plus this will be my first time staying in one of the Alpine Huts of Canada!
I would still like a night away under the full moon and meteor shower in August.  A back packing over-nighter would be something new for me and something nice.  


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  1. So many cool plans! You are so courageous to go camping by yourself...powerful! :) I love it and can't wait to read all about these escapes. I'd love the alpine hut I'm sure.


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