Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away!

The way things are going with spring hiking this year, if we wait for the perfect day, then you can kiss this hiking season good-bye!  We have learned to make the best of a situation, go prepared for anything, hope for the best, but most importantly, just go! We did all that then hit the trail just before 9:00am, with the rain pouring down, we had a plan of aiming for Ribbon Falls and venturing on further if conditions were suitable.

I have been to Ribbon Falls numerous times but under more ideal conditions and always thought it to be a boring trail with no scenery and the Falls being under-whelming. Thank you to all the rains lately, I saw this area today in a whole new light.   Ribbon Creek was fast and furious and overflowing in places.
All the rains gave this place that luscious green color.  I felt like I was hiking through a rain forest on a carpet of spongy moss. The air was fresh and clean and fragrant.  We were surrounded by low lying clouds that allowed a few mountain tops to peak through for a second or two.
Ribbon Falls looked like more than just ribbons of water flowing down.  It was fast and furious just like the Creek.  Like always, I scooted down to the lower view point but not like always, I held onto the rocks because the force of the spray alone was strong enough to move me in directions I didn't want to go.  
The smaller falls to the side which is normally just a trickle was more like ribbons of flowing water.  It doesn't look like many folks take this steep uphill detour, the path is overgrown and not obvious in parts.  It was well worth taking the extra few minutes to experience this spot.
I didn't even attempt to battle my nemeses today!  As soon as I saw this very very steep snowy slippery slope, I knew this was my turn-a-around point for the day.  I was content to sit it out as others crossed to glory, climbing the chain section that would lead them to Ribbon Lake.  I watched in awe as they worked their way across the snow, up the chains and out of sight.  Upon their return, their faces so easily gave away the joy of such an accomplishment!  
Well, this wasn't my highest spot physically but I will take it as today's summit shot.  Rewards appear in many forms!  I felt rewarded that now the sun was coming out, I could ditch the rain gear then do my pose in front of Ribbon Falls.  I will mention too this turned out being roughly a 21km hike for me.  
Rain Rain went away and we got to play!  Feeling played out, we still had the nine kilometers back to the trail head, but reliving our day so far and comparing stories passed the time.  Before this adventure was even over, I was already thinking what's next!

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