Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pushing Boundaries....

....paid off big time!

I pushed a boundary a little further away this weekend and opened a door to new possibilities a little bit wider!  I went solo car camping at Boulton Creek Campground this weekend.  Why solo you asked?  Sometimes you do what you just got to do in life!  I couldn't have asked for a better experience and I sure hope this time wasn't beginners luck!

Check in wasn't until mid afternoon but I left the city early to mid morning Saturday so I could drop by some scenic places along the way.  Here it's June already and the Upper  Kananaskis Lake is still frozen.  I'm glad it is, because it was a gorgeous sight.  My welcome was the thunderous roar of an avalanche up behind Rawson Lake.  These thunders carried on the whole time I was there.  This view is from the Upper Lake Parking Lot.
This view of Upper Kananaskis Lake is from the North Interlake Parking Lot.  Having left Calary in cold and rain, it was sunny and warm in Peter Lougheed Park.   I was able to walk out quite far due to the water level in the Lake being very low.
As early afternoon approached, my heart beat faster and faster before it skipped a beat or two.  Time to check in!  At this moment I mouthed the words "what the hell have I done"!  For a split second, I just wanted to go home.  I took a deep breath, calmed myself then drove to the Trading Post to announce my arrival.   I found my reserved spot, then set up my site!  I reserved the smallest site, yet my tent still looks lost.  I had my privacy on the red lounge chair beside the table, that's where I enjoyed an Alexander Keith's.  
Even though the sites were full around me and people were busy being and doing, I still experienced that peaceful feeling.  I was a million miles away from any cares or worries.  Once the beer bottle was empty, I prepared my evening meal.  That Trangia Stove is wonderful!  In no time at all, my feast was ready!
I strolled around the campground like others were doing.  It was such a nice evening, I tried to make the most of it and the whole experience.  Those in the know, believe camping is not camping without a campfire.  Making one is not my forte and it needs some work.  I couldn't get it to roar but I did get it to grumble for a little while.  I didn't bring enough wood so ended up burning the cardboard box I brought the wood in to make it last a little bit longer.
Once the fire was out, which was too early, I packed everything up and went to bed.  I remember checking my watch, it was 9:48pm, the next thing I new I heard the boisterous birds.  I checked my watch, it was 4:30am.  I had 30 minutes to luxuriate before hopping from tent to car and go see the sunrise which was a 7 minute drive away.  I didn't see it rise but I got to see how beautiful the very early morning can be here.
It was fresh this morning and cold!  It was crisp and clear!  I loved it!  Once again, kudos to my Trangia Stove.  What is morning time without a cup of coffee!  Once coffee time was over, I cooked a breakfast made up of an english muffin, egg, back-bacon and sharp cheddar cheese.  I napped in my red lounge chair as the sun rose peaking between the trees onto my face.  
By mid morning, I began packing up and went on with the day feeling very proud of myself that I didn't pack it in early and sleep in my car or head home without testing the waters of solo camping.   As I made that turn onto Highway 40 a reflection in the little pond caught my eye.   I love reflections and this was almost like a gift!  Like a graduation gift!  Yes I graduated this weekend!
I'm thankful for how this weekend turned out.   I don't ever remember pushing boundaries and being disappointed with the outcome.   Doors open and you are presented with a whole new part of the world!  I'm already thinking of when my next camping trip will be and where I should go!  GOT GEAR!  WILL CAMP!


  1. Wow! Great views, great food, great comfy chair, great tent, and great photos.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful experience, good opportunity for some introspection. Not to mention nice photographs and good food!

  3. Fantastic!! Such beautiful sights too! Great job Alexandra :)

  4. Wonderful! Another adventure for you, and one that is reflected in that stone you chose for yourself too... :)

  5. These pictures are beautiful, what an amazing place to camp!


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