Saturday, June 12, 2010

On the Verge of Buller's Summit

I like when dreams come true!
My dream was to be on a mountain top today! Our goal was to complete a loop which would include North Buller Pass and Buller Pass. Due to conditions and timing, our final destination turned out to be just on the verge of the top of Mount Buller. This was my high point for today!
It wasn't easy to get to or return from! The first portion of the trail was snow-free and obvious to us but conditions changed as we gradually began to climb. First ankle deep snow, then knee deep, it turned to thigh deep at times and even to hip deep for some.
Once out of the trees and through the snow, we had a long, steep, rocky face to attack. At this point we could tell our destination for the day would have to be altered. A portion of our original plan that we could see in the distance appeared to be avalanche terrain.
We reached a safe spot on Mount Buller that had an amazing view, where we felt the sun shine on us and we were protected from any breeze that there was. We called this spot our lunch spot where we spent a significant amount of time. This photo also shows where we wanted to go which is on the other side.
I mentioned that our return was not easy! It wasn't easy but it was pretty!
It is a terrible feeling to see someone take a tumble down a mountain! When my friend did just that, the only thing we could do was watch and pray for movement at the end of the fall. We were concerned because a portion of the tumble involved being air borne for a couple of seconds and then landing head first. We held our breath then saw movement! Whew! We scurried down and assessed, then took a few minutes to gather our friend and ourselves before continuing on. I admire you, my friend, for your composure!

We made it off the steep section, then into the trees and the snow before arriving to the clear obvious trail. It was getting on towards 6:00 pm now and the lighting in the trees and by the creek made for some beautiful sights.
I have been very fortunate to be reaching so many high places in mountains! I am always amazed at the scenery. I never take any of this for granted and appreciate every moment. In my quiet moments I "dream" of what mountain I may be on next. I give thanks that I can live out my "passion"!

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