Sunday, June 6, 2010

From Winter-Like to Summer-Like

How could yesterday be so UGH and today be so YIPPIE! My original thought was to cancel out of today's hike but I am so glad I second guessed myself! Today on Forget-Me-Not Ridge was absolutely gorgeous!

It all started at that pink bridge!
Once you find that and cross it, then you are on your way! To the river crossing that is! I wore my low riders for this and should have worn my flood pants. I did roll them up but not far enough! I misjudged the depth and force of the river!
But, what's a little water! Once on the other side, I changed into my boots, rolled my pants down to dry and carried on with the steep ascent. It was slow going up this portion and we took a well deserved break at the opening before heading for the summit. I was curious as to what was on the other side of the rocky ridge!
This is what I saw!
When we finally reached the ridge, we had views like this so thought this would be a good place to have lunch. We stayed a little while and played around taking photos too. You can see Banded Peak on the left of the photo with a band around the top.
Here it is up close! There is something about that mountain! It intrigues me!
After lunch, we carried along the ridge to a place where we could do a tiny little scramble to take us even higher with greater views. This portion was my idea! It was fun to do! This is also where I did my summit jump! We are at an elevation of 2258 meters here, which is 690 meters higher then the trailhead.
This was my fourth time on this ridge and today was my most favourite of them all! I would still like to go back up there and carry on the ridge for another few kilometers. That would be best suited for when the snow is gone!

On the return trip, for a portion, we hiked higher along the ridge where we could have views to the east and the west. Then found our tracks in the snow again and aimed for the trees to begin our descent. Just over fourteen kilometers and almost seven hours later, we were back at our cars.

My summit fever was cured! For this weekend!


  1. That is the paradise! Beautiful beautiful pictures!

  2. Wow, those mountains! And the photographs do them justice! Thanks for sharing such superb natural beauty.


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