Friday, June 11, 2010


Besides being an active, outdoorsy, granola-type girl, there is also some creativity inside me that tries to made an appearance every now and then. I have put pen to paper, watercolors on canvases, threads through materials of all sorts and even put in a significant amount of time scrapbooking.

I have been inspired lately! Firstly by who I don't know how they could possibly paint such a beautiful mountain scene on a little stone. Secondly I have been inspired by Adventure Designer. Now her idea of putting acrylic inspirational words on stone is more within my capabilities. This evening I gave that a try! I have work ahead of me to hone this craft but this is a start.
My inspiration for "Passion" comes from Jamie Clarke's "Power of Passion" and "Dream" comes from "Believe Imagine Dream".

I understand about "leave no trace" and I respect that but need to contemplate it a little further and find a comfortable place in my beliefs so that I can pass along "Dream" and "Passion" to others.

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  1. Hello Andra,
    Great to catch up with a fellow wanderer and ponderer! Thank you so very much for your comments, and after enjoying your musings here, for the opportunity to share enthusisams and inspirations... I would enjoy adding you as a link to my blog as a fellow wanderer if that is ok. I too have struggled with the essential ethics that reflect upon my endeavor, as I have written in my link 'Summit Stone Controversy'. I love your stones with the elementally powerful messages upon them and the title you created for your writings here. It's all about the smiles, the karma, and the importance of raising even a little awareness...
    Send me an email at so we can catch up further.
    Happy trails and summits,


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