Saturday, October 31, 2009

Devil in Disguise

"as a hiker"
We had a big day designed for us this Halloween! I ran races in costume before but this would be a first to hike in costume and I jumped at the opportunity! Our adventure took us behind the Lake Louise Ski Hill through Boulder Pass on the way to Ptarmigan Lake located in the Skoki Valley area. The others had their own idea of what they wanted today to be, I had another plan!

YES! Come along my little pretties! YES! Be taken in and deceived by the sensational scenery! Scenes like The Ten Peaks, Corral Creek Meadow Boulder Pass. YES! They followed me! Enjoying the surroundings! Like Mount Temple, the Lone Larch Tree, Ptarmigan Lake.Befriending Scrambled Legs along the way, he invited me to the rock top to play. We jumped for joy, we laughed (mine being evil)! The Devil divulged and the battle began! I tried to push him over the edge without success but he overpowered me. YES! I am JUST a Devil in Disguise! The fluffy hiker decided it was time to retreat! The battle was over! Then it was time to celebrate! The real reason for celebrating as Adventure Designer put it "let's celebrate the culmination of fall, welcome the snowy hiking/snowshoeing season this Halloween" and on top of that a trio were celebrating birthdays.

We found the Halfway Hut tucked in the trees with mountains as its backdrop. After ditching some equipment at the door, we set up inside. How lucky were we with this potluck spread. Our celebration even included sparklers, one each for Ms D No Stopping Me, G-Force and Scrambled Legs.
On another note, you may remember I shared my Goal for 2010 with you. There was the possibility I could accomplish this goal before 2010 and I did! It happened today! On the long downhill trail home, I brought out my "Pelican SnowFlite 36" to race against the others. My maximum speed reached 26.9 km/hrs. I would have received the bronze medal as two others reached higher speeds than me. They set the bar high and now I have a new goal!
I admit, this Halloween was my most fun ever! I enjoyed being a menace on the mountain and sharing the day with such fun folks. Being with all of you and your attitudes of choosing to celebrate the big and the little and as Sunny D Lite says "letting the child within come out" made it the bestest! How can days like this ever be topped!

Our Adventure's Statistics
Starting Elevation: 1716 meters
Maximum Elevation: 2341 meters
Total Elevation: 625 meters (approx 2040 feet)
Total Time Including Battle and Lunch: 7:41
Distance: 18.5 kilometers (approx 11.3 miles)


  1. Oh I LOVE the photo of you on the Pelican....way to much fun...good for you!! Love the potluck spread, sounds like an awesome day!

  2. Another fabulous write up
    That was an awesome photo of you and the crazy carpet. Too bad everyone could not hear your squeels of excitement.
    We share a gift to be able to laugh at outselves.

  3. Oh my gosh, you are TOO awesome! This looked like a fantastic hike, I love the costumes and especially the photo of you zooming down the mountain. What a fun Halloween!

  4. I think You spent a nice halloween. You posted a photo of your red costume on a blanket of snow, which catches the eye. that image shows a beautiful contrast of colours. The landscape covered with snow is always wonderful.

    As you know, I live in a coastal town. Here, near the Mediterranean sea, it snows twice a year only.



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