Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lakes and a Pickle

My marquee photo shows today's destination!
Picklejar Lakes
As you can see, we found beauty in a place that others consider to be mediocre.
Just two hours from the metropolis of Calgary with its hustle and bustle and skyscrapers and freeways, we arrived at a barren trail head with not a vehicle nor soul in sight. Then just two hours beyond that we arrived at our destination, a landscape that looked rugged and desolate. High up in a valley surrounded by mountains is where we found the four Picklejar Lakes.

Lucky for us it was clear sailing the whole way up. This area escaped the snowfall that walloped the city just yesterday. The larger lake was mostly frozen whereas the others, only partially. Do we walk on water? We did have to contend with one slippery slope. On our first crossing, I stuck close to G-Force holding onto the back of his pack. I wasn't going anywhere by myself! Once past the slope, I was able to relax and enjoy the scenery. This is what surrounded us. The photos on the right are a before and after (before lunch and after lunch), with different lighting and at a slightly different angle. I see a dramatic difference. When I saw G-Force hiking along, I told him it looked like he could be in the Arctic or Antarctic.
So we're at Picklejar Lakes! What a name! Pickle! Do you think we could get ourselves into a pickle? I tried! I tried to add a little drama to the dramatic backdrop. I took a few chances, far away from the slippery slopes. Lived on the edge! Tried my hands at a scramble! Went out on a ledge! Headed up a path less travelled! I tried my best to get into a pickle but we remained pickle-free.
Ah! I guess Picklejar Lakes really are all about the lakes!
Now that's dramatic!
I love reflections! In a way that's what blogging is all about!

More reflections of ghostly looking grey trees lining one of the smaller lakes!

We picked a dining spot with a fabulous lake side view!
We were thankful for the blue sky today and the bright sunshine even though it was deceiving. It's only October and I needed hot shots in my mitts already. I realized it will be my Baffin boots (good to -35C) that I will wear snowshoeing again this winter. I was reminded it's time for the long johns, another layer up top, thermos of coffee instead of another bottle of cold water and getting the baskets on my pole bottoms. To some this all may sound very frightful, to me, it's heaven!


  1. What a beautiful lake's landscapes!
    Moreover you post interesting photos which shows how different lighting may change images'colours.


  2. brrrrr, it looks cold, but as always gorgeous shots...thanks!


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