Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Goal for 2010

All the talk these days is about the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics! With less than four months to go, the athletes are in their prime training mode and we are being introduced to them through the media. They talk of their training and their goals!

Well, they are not the only athletes with goals for 2010! I like to think I'm an athlete, not of the Olympic level nor the professional caliber, not even the amateur level. Nevertheless, an athlete. I, too, have a goal for 2010!

Mine is a pace related goal. Finesse and execution can play a part but only to the extent that they contribute to the ultimate speed goal. I practice but not regularly. Conditions are not always conducive. I don't have a sponsor who donates top quality equipment so I rely on department store varieties.

All that being said, my goal for 2010 is

...drum roll please...

to snowshoe up a mountain high enough and steep enough
where I can hop on my Pelican Snow Flite 36
slide down the mountain and exceed my personal best record of 19.3 km/hr as recorded on my 60 CSX last winter.
I may have to consider adding a helmet to my ensemble as this may be considered an extreme sport where safety is a consideration.
There you have it ladies and gentlemen!
Let the games begin!


  1. I love it!! I'm going to buy a crazy carpet this week.

  2. Very nice goal!
    Late congrats for your 10k.
    Was the turkey delighted to finish his "story" with the red italian wine? That bottle looks like the local "loot" as Giorgio said.

  3. This sounds awesome! But how will you train for the crazy carpet portion of the event? :o)

  4. She has crazy carpeting experience from my events. -B.

  5. Woo hoo! Sounds exhilarating!


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