Monday, September 21, 2009

Reflecting on Summer

Making the most of my Monday with Ms M at Wedge Pond was what my day away from work would entail. It's the last day of summer and I wanted to celebrate it and reflect on it at some place that had water, scenery, peace and quiet and tranquility!

We picked Wedge Pond! It's an hour from my front door! Yes! What you see below is an hour from my front door. We found a picnic table right by the water. It had our name on it! We placed the table cloth then all our belongings on the table. We opened up our lawn chairs, poured the wine into the crystal goblets, sat down and made a toast. We looked ahead and this was facing us! We were speechless! Not only was the scenery speech-taking, it was breath-taking too.
I went for a stroll around the pond, taking pictures of reflections at different angles. You can see our picnic table in the left corner below.
Ms M couldn't resist tossing rocks into the pond.

We found another little pond in the same general area. Ms M takes time to reflect as she gazes at the reflection in the pond.
My camera is attached to a Gorilla tripod sitting on a rock, that's how we got this shot. It took a few tries to get it just right. For the most part, we had the Pond to ourselves. Every once in awhile, a folk or two would come down to the beach-like area to get their last day of summer reflection photos.
The golds were golden today!
A Full, Fun Day of Reflecting and Reflections!

Good bye summer! Hello autumn!


  1. I just love your fabulous fall pictures - enjoy the good weather while it still lasts!

  2. mountains is fascinating. It gives a picture of the last day of summer.

    Have you find a running program? Now summer is over. :)


  3. Beautiful fall pictures, love the mountains and the water/reflections. Very serene. Thanks!


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