Saturday, September 19, 2009

Finally Finding Forgetmenot Free...

...of snow!
I wondered if it was possible to ever find Forgetmenot Ridge free of snow cover! This was my third time up there and I could not have been happier to see what I saw! The pink suspension bridge marks the start of the trail to the ridge. The few coveted parking spots across the road were already taken by the time we got here at 9:30. The Park Warden was already ticketing the many cars that were parked along the roadside beside the No Parking signs. We headed back to the main lot to ditch the vehicle.
I was so happy today not to see snow that I just had to jump for joy! I did wait until I reached my summit though. I reached the summit twice! You can tell from my elevation chart where you see two identical peaks side by side. I did this part on my own. R remained below taking shots of me as I went for the top. The top was beautiful, I needed my summit shot, so returned to R to retrieve my camera then raced back up before the guys up there left. I'm getting this down to a science and we got it right the first time, this time!
You can't have it all! By forfeiting the snow, we had to put up with other elements, unbelievable strong wind. The direction of it was in our favour, though. It blew us into the mountain side, not towards the down slope. The fall colors were amazing, especially the ground cover. Our views were amazing too. Banded Peak looks intriguing, I want to go there! As I mentioned before, R remained at the base while I went for my summit. On our way out, we followed the ridge top, on our way back we took the lower route which followed a talus slope for a portion of it.
For the majority of our trek, the sun shone over us. When it shone onto Forgetmenot Pond, it appeared to be this gorgeous color of turquoise. It was hard to take my eyes of it but I had to because this part of the trail was steep downhill and rocky and sure footing was of the utmost importance.
This time around, I went a little further and a little higher. There may have to be a fourth trip to this beautiful place because I could see there was still further and higher to go and I want to be where I saw.

It was very sparsely populated on the Ridge today! Only an hour from home! From a busseling crowded city to a peaceful mountain gem! These, just a few of the ingredients it takes to make me feel like I am "on top of the world!"

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  1. Wow, amazing views. Why do mountain lakes look that incredible color of blue? Gorgeous.


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