Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pedal Pusher

With a forecast of +27 Degrees Celsius and sunshine, I just had to take advantage of it because I know days like these in September are not to be taken for granted. For the past few days I have been mapping out the bike route from my place to the Glenmore Reservoir. I knew it could be done, I just didn't know if I would know how to do it. Good thing I am a female! I had to ask for directions many, many, many times and that's no exaggeration!

One fellow I stopped to ask directions suggested I get one of these and he pointed to a Garmin 60 CSX that he had attached to his bike. I said I had one, he asked where was it, I said at home! Another time I asked a lady for directions and she pulled out her map. I said I have one of those, she asked where was it, I said at home! It wasn't the easiest path to follow with detours and construction everywhere but I did make it to my destination. There was lots to see along the way! I followed a portion of the Bow River then veered onto the pathway that followed the Elbow River. A few years back when I was doing marathon training with the Running Room, we followed this route because it went on forever and we had to run forever.
The Glenmore Reservoir was busy with boaters of all kinds. Heritage Park is located on the banks of the Reservoir and this is where the SS Moyie sternwheeler sails from. I had quite the adventure on the SS Moyie last year, you can check it out here The Young Lady and The Sea. Today was a day for sail boats and fly fishermen to venture out onto the water too.
Notice today's patriotic reflection! I had to criss cross the Elbow River, each time walking my bike across suspended swinging bridges. Gardens are still in full bloom.
My ride covered 63 kilometers and I was gone from home for close to six hours. My time includes a lunch stop, a snack stop, a few asking for directions stops and lots of photo stops. My stops were not long and then I would carry on pedal pushing. It was a great day weather-wise and scenery-wise!
I enjoyed visiting and thank you! I will be back to visit again! Before I do, I will be heading west to the mountains. Tomorrow I am hiking and I will not leave my map and 60 CSX at home!
...and I hope my hike elevation will not look like my bike elevation for today did!

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