Friday, September 19, 2008

Saturday’s Destination

Larch Valley and Sentinel Pass

This will be my first time hiking in the Lake Louise area other than going up to the tea house. This is suppose to be "THE" time of year to do this hike as the larch trees are at their peak color! I hope to get some nice photos to share especially for my friends and family in Nova Scotia who are use to only seeing maple leaf colors this time of year. They say too, expect the trails to be busy.
The hike starts at Moraine Lake which has a view of the Valley of the Ten Peaks in the background. It is pictured on the back of the Canadian Twenty Dollar Bill that was issued between 1969 and 1979. The elevation for Saturday will be 720 meters with a round trip of 11.6 kilometers. This is a little steeper then any of my previous hikes. Bring it on! I’m ready! I bought new hiking poles! I guess the proper terminology would be trekking poles!

I never use to hike with poles but I did the last two times and notice a difference with how my knees feel the next day after doing a hike with steep parts. I broke a pole the last time out. My new ones are nice! They came with baskets to attach when snowshoe season comes around.

It’s looking like there will be 13 of us! Safety in numbers and yes, 13 is a good number! The Lake Louise area hiking rule states no less than six in a group!

Will we be lucky...with great sights to see? Stay tuned!

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