Monday, September 1, 2008

Laboring on Labor Day

Isn't that what you are suppose to do on Labor Day?
Hello September!
Today's Run
10 km
a neighbourhood route
8:00 am departure time
+4 Degrees Celcius and Mostly Sunny
My laboring lasted long! I'm still dealing with the aftermath of Saturday's big hike but feel much better than yesterday which turned out being a bonking day! We all need those once in a blue moon, right? These fews days have only confirmed to me that Sunday's Half Marathon will be a fun one and not a fast one. Well, mine are never fast, but that is all relative! I have another big hike on Thursday but I will have two days of rest after that. Today's running hi-lite has nothing to do with running but seeing a City of Calgary Policeman radar check and stop a City of Calgary Parking Enforcement Vehicle for speeding! Shame Shame but too funny!


  1. Great never have a camcorder when you need one!!

  2. I can't believe your morning temps are around 4-5 °C! Defnitely jealous as I'm sitting here in 28°C!!

    Eh running is for fun! No worries about time for your half =)


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