Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Little Story Book

This is a book I came upon one day searching through Amazon. It’s small with only 136 pages and at a mere price of $11.64. It’s called "Sole Sisters", "stories of women and running" by Jennifer Lin and Susan Warner. These are two journalists who conducted interviews with runners and came up with 21 very short stories on how running has transformed lives. These are inspirational stories of fighting cancer, recovering from 9/11, running for Kenya, four-legged running partners, and many more motivational short quick reads. A few of the lady runners have been in the news, the names will ring a bell to you, others are just the girls next door who have been transformed by extra-ordinary experiences.

This book is a keeper! "Sole Sisters" would make a great gift for "Soul Sisters" or any running friend for that matter!


  1. This book looks neat! Hopefully two weeks time brings warm weather in the Okanagan! I'm not ready to don my winter wear yet! This will be my third this year so you've got me doubled. Thanks for stopping by too - hope you have a great race in K-town.

  2. Hi, I saw you over at Bert's blog - this book looks really good, might be a great idea for gifts for some of my running family!


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