Friday, June 20, 2008

World of Difference

They were only two days apart! The time of day was roughly on par! The route and distance were to be the same! The weather conditions were quite identical! How could there be the world of difference between my Wednesday run and what was to be my run today when all the ingredients were pretty much smack similar?

Wednesday’s run was passed with flying colors! I felt strong and light on my feet. The breathing came easily with nothing of note laboring-wise! It was quick and I was putting the key in the keyhole to unlock when it felt like a few minutes earlier I was putting the key in the keyhole to lock!

I had to salvage out of today’s run what I could! I needed it to be a positive experience! After seven minutes of running, I felt like I was bonking! My feet scuffed along the pavement, I could feel my heart pounding and I had a heck of a time staying upright and pushing forward. I remember this feeling, it was the feeling I felt getting close to the finish line of a marathon. Maybe I started out way too swiftly! I took two minutes to walk it out, get the heart rate down and obtain a steady level of breathing. Then it was time to run again! Now only two minutes into it, I felt like I was bonking! Actually, I think I did bonk!

I had to call it a day for my run but I refuse to return home on that note. I veered off my running route, down a trail onto the Nose Creek Pathway and had a most mind-clearing, perking-up, soul-rejuvenating walk! I listened to the birds singing, I brushed the tops of the tall grass with the tips of my fingers, I smelled the wildflower-filled air, took long strides stretching my legs, made head circles, shoulder circles, arm circles! Returning home an hour or so later, I remember putting the key in the keyhole to unlock, slipping off my sneakers and stretching on my sofa!

Tomorrow is another day!

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  1. You're right. We all have days like that! Makes the good days even better! x


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