Sunday, June 22, 2008

East Coast Salt & Clams

Today’s Run

...was a reminder of one of the reasons I don’t miss living in my native land of New Scotland!

17km Round Trip

To Bow View Manor and Back
+16 Degrees Celsius to Start (+26 in my books)
+23 Degrees Celsius at Finish (+33 in my books)
Cloud, Clear, Sun, Showers (what Calgary is known for)

Salt and clams belongs in the kitchen! This morning felt unusually humid for Calgary. It brought out the salty gritty feeling to the touch and it brought on that clammy feeling. No amount of fluid intake would dissipate that sensation. This could bring on that homesickness feeling to most Bluenosers, but not me! Because high humidity does not occur often in Calgary is one of the reasons I love it here!

The bone, joint, muscle melding minute didn’t happen until 27:11 into the run! Lots later than any time before, but I sure was glad it did happen! Better late than never! After that, it was smooth sailing until docking time.

Then it was time to head home, hit the kitchen and prepare a brew of salty clam chowder!

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