Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Manipulate to Motivate

I no more felt like running this evening but I knew I had to, I knew I should! I didn’t want to screw up my program plan when I have come so far and the Stampede Half Marathon is just days away. I like to meet goals that I set for myself. I had no legitimate reason for not wanting to run, I just felt down right lazy!

The left side of my brain was very powerful the whole commute home from work. If you could hear the self talk that was taking place in my head you would be amazed that one person could talk so much! When I finally got home, it was time to mentally micro manage...take one step at a time.

...put the running cloths on
...now put your sneakers on
...go into the bathroom and tie up your hair
...O.K. head downstairs
...go get a glass of water
...you better head to the door
...now, go out the door
...good, O.K. start the watch

I did and I was so much better off for it!

Manipulating my mind moves me move!

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