Thursday, April 24, 2008

Verdict is Orange

Why did they pick orange? That’s the color of the Police Half Marathon shirt this year! I picked mine up today, I could hardly wait to see it. That’s one of the exciting things about these races, the anticipation of seeing what the shirt looks like!

I checked out what orange stands for! It represents energy, warmth, sun, good health. All things you hope to feel on race day. It’s considered a color on the edge...changing leaves...setting sun. Some would consider running a half marathon living on the edge. It’s a power color that stands for determination and enthusiasm both of which get you to the start line to begin 21.1 kilometers and follow you through to the success of crossing the finish line. Success, that’s something else orange stands for along with vitality and endurance.

That’s why they picked orange! I wonder if they even knew all this!

Lady Luck’s color is orange! I will tuck her in my back pocket Sunday morning and listen to her yelling "You Go Girl"!

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  1. On Sunday I will be shouting "YOU GO GIRL"...and I hope you will hear me in your thoughts!!
    Take care
    I'm enjoying a glass of white wine...wondering how my daughter is and wishing I were with her tomorrow in NYC!!!


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