Sunday, April 13, 2008

Is It Me You’re Looking For?

It was me you were looking for and you found me!

It happened once and now it’s happening again!

The first time was in 2001 through the "Classmates" website. I had a few moments to spare at work and passed the time by checking into the Classmates website which I posted my name on not long before. Low and behold there was a message from my best friend in high school who I had not been in contact with for 26 years. WOW! What an exciting day that was and look at us now! After 26 years, we renewed our friendship and now we are already into year seven!

When we were friends in high school, I don’t believe our true values or interests were developed yet. What was important then was frivolous and silly. It was a time of just sailing along, taking each day at a time, no plans, no destinations, no passions (well maybe one, The Merb). So why was there a connection? I look back and I realize our destiny of friendship was already planned out. The road was paved, be it was a crooked one! Things got in the way, or should I say our parents got in the way.

Our lives turned out to be so different but we, ourselves, turned out to be so much alike!

She married and had three precious children. I stayed single and no children for me. I do love everyone else’s though. She stayed in Nova Scotia and I moved to the West. She’s a stay-at-home Mom running a household for five, I beat the path to work each day to support one. Our lifestyles are so different and so wonderful and right for each of us. Our values, our beliefs, our ways, our styles, our interests could not have turned out more the same. From scrap booking, cross-stitching, journaling, reading, to wine tasting, coffee in the mornings, craft stores, country drives and quiet times. Our hearts and souls are mirror images.

Our high school destiny had the way already paved but we met a fork in the road and took different paths. We took the scenic milk route instead of the express highway to reunite in friendship!

How could our parents have been so wrong about something so right! If only they could see us now!

The second time was last week through Facebook! A childhood friend came searching. Is it me your looking for? It was me and it is me! Could I be twice lucky? Time will tell!


  1. Wow!!
    I am honoured to be a part of this posting!! I could never have expressed it the way you just glad that we are friends!!!

    Thank you for this!

  2. That was so sweet =) Its really amazing how things can work out isn't it? =)


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