Saturday, April 19, 2008

Eight More Sleeps

Is it too early to start counting sleeps? It seems so close but yet so far!

What if the 27th looks like today? Why should this even be a concern...the majority of my training runs were in conditions much similar to this, some even worse. I’ve been checking the long range forecast the last few days. I know it’s Calgary and the weather can change....even for the better! I’m glad I did my drive through last weekend! I’m glad all my weekend runs are done. I’m glad I only have two left to do this coming week!

I wonder if the path will be clear the whole way? I hope the Weaselhead Hill is not too tough! I hope I will sleep decent the night before!

Concerns, worries, doubts! Oh Oh the left side of the brain is trying to take control! I remember I go through this for each and every longer distance race. Is this one of those things where they say "it comes with the territory"! Sometimes I wonder why I even get myself into situations like this! I liken it to when women give birth...the reward is worth all the pain!

I know this will be tough and trying! Would you believe I even had the gall to sign up for another half marathon only three weeks after! Some would say...."you need your head examined"!

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