Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pass Perfect

A lady should never go anywhere without her lip gloss because you just never know! It should be put to use and not stored away, forgotten! That proved true today! Along the route, I stopped, looked back only to see my snowshoeing friend in an amorous embrace with a fellow on x-country skis. What the heck? It had to be the lip gloss! I only got to look on, you see, my gloss was zipped in a pocket, forgotten! This occurrence took place on today’s West Elk "Pass" snowshoe outing.

I’ve grown up where lots of snow is no big deal. I’ve seen and I’ve been to Winter Wonderlands but today’s snow was more beautiful and more spectacular then I have ever laid my eyes upon. Today consisted of four and a half hours of exercise, an abundance of fresh air, this beautiful snowy scenery, all along with great conversation. Is there anything better for the soul?

The Pass was Perfect! A little more so for my snowshoeing friend! :-)

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  1. Okay! the photography was great, the scenery beautiful but what about thais lip lock, you just can't leave us hanging there not knowing how this all came about. I might have to take up snow shoeing !!!
    See today's Calgary Sun front page..Look what a kiss on a Calgary Transit bus led to.

    Hope your having a great day.



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