Friday, February 29, 2008

Extra Day

Oh, just throw an extra day in there to get the drift back on track! That’s what today is, and they call it a "Leap Year"! A day chucked in to keep the calendar year synchronized with the astronomical or seasonal year. I still don’t know why they pick the word "leap" for the type of year to call it. When I think of "leap" I think of jumping over, like playing "leap" frog! Or skipping over or hopping over, but we’re not leaping over anything.

But, I’ll take this extra day! I’ll make it an extra special " me day"! Take a vacation day to make it an extra long weekend! Sleep in a little extra longer! Have an extra cup of coffee! Send an extra smile someone’s way! Throw in an extra run! Show some extra skin running, after-all it’s going to be plus 10! Pick up some extra groceries (chips, chocolate)! Have an extra glass of wine! Read a few extra pages! Write an extra blog! Have an extra desert! Go to bed extra late!

There’s lots to pack in to make the best of it because it’s another four years before we get another extra day thrown in!

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