Thursday, February 21, 2008

Doctor! Doctor! Give me the news...

....I got a bad case of....! Well, I don’t have a health issue right now but I do have a bad case of trying to find a Doctor for when I do have a health issue! My Doctor retired in December, I went to her for 23 years. Now, it’s time to replace her and I am not having much luck. I did make a bit of headway this morning but I am not out of the woods yet.

I did the online search for those Doctors accepting new patients. I got my list (a very short one) and started making phone calls. It became a circus of laughs amongst my coworkers as they could not help but overhear my conversations, and then when I shared the reasons with them for being declined, the laughter became buckled over hysteria! This is not a laughing matter I say!!!

Can you believe these responses I got when I placed the calls?

1. "Call back in three weeks"
2. "Send a blank email saying new patient in title section then read our 6 page response"
3. "NOOOO!"
4. "Where do you live?" I say in "B..." She says "you're too far away." I say "I’m right next door." She says "NO!"
5. "Call 911 or health-link"
6. "We can set up a Meet the Doctor appointment for 10 minutes but it's no guarantee she will accept you."

So I have a "Meet the Doctor" appointment for mid March. That’s the headway I made! "Meet the Doctor", it makes me think of those meet and greet online dates you hear about or those speed dating events. I’m hoping the Doctor likes me and that I like her. I hope we make a connection. I hope we will have a second meeting and something will develop. I hope there will be a long lasting relationship like there was with my last Doctor.

Geesh! What has become of our medical system?

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  1. Personally I would call back and find out what the doctor's main vice is (wine, chocolate, meth amphetamine...) The vice itself is irrelevant. The important thing is that you take some to the appointment as a "gift".

    On a serious note, I hope it all works out!


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