Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Chloe Test

With a forecast looking like this....  
.....I decided to save being "out & about" until Sunday afternoon when the temperature and windchill for the weekend would be at its highest.  Goodness gracious, there's loads to be accomplished within the household, so a stay-at-home Saturday right now is ideal.   I put my mind to it, stayed focused and progress was made.  

Today was the day to test my new Chloes.  My Valdezs gave me three wonderful winters of wandering.  We shared many adventures and I knew they were nearing their end as they were tired looking and they felt tired. It was time to bid them adieu.  

As my old boots Valdez looked like a Valdez, these new boots do look like a Chloe.  They have a feminine touch and a soft side.  They are light weight, have a toggle pull, the grip is great....wait until you see the sole.       
I headed for Confluence Park at Nose Creek to test the boots.  
After two hours of wandering through the snow, along trails, up hills then down them, over bridges, in the trees, around boulders, over ice, I could not help but be happy.   My feet remained cozy warm, there were no irritations nor hot spots. Remember I said wait until you see the sole? 
See the sole?
The next test will be to strap my Lightning Axis to them.
 How will they pair together?  
My sense is they will be compatible.  


  1. I used my Chloe boots the last couple of years. Loved them! Trying a pair of Keen boots this year but my Chloes were awesome! Never had cold feet, not even once.

    1. Tanya, I made a note of the name of those boots after chatting with you at Gibbon Pass and asking which ones you wear.


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