Friday, November 21, 2014

Bear Creek Canyon Oasis - Palm Springs Vacation Day 6

The hike into Bear Creek Canyon Oasis came recommended by my friend who hiked it last December.  He has a sense for what I like so I knew I could not go wrong here.  It also brought me into a different area to check out.  The trail head was only a 35 minute drive away. I was up early and raring to get going. It was easy to find as were all trail heads I hit.  I was prepared for the heat and would be going all the way today.

I arrived early to an absolutely gorgeous area, so pretty, so clean, just so appealing as a first impression.  I knew I was in for something special.  I did my homework on this route as there were postings that it could be a challenge to get on the correct trail. I made my way through the first section and found my way to the wash.  It was a long wash to follow to the other side where the ascending began.  I realize now how I enjoy washes!  They are so photogenic. 

The ascent began in the heat.  I took my time and made sure to appreciate every little thing especially once I got high and could see forever.  I was able to pick out places and identify them, finally, as my vacation was nearing the end.  I ascended, and ascended.  Higher and higher.  Then I rounded a corner and could see a green patch down below in the far off distance.  Ah, the oasis!  O.K. So I have to descend, ascend, then descend and ascend again. Fine, I came prepared.  The oasis was an oasis, like a hidden treasure.  I took a little time here then said goodbye.

I made my way back to a high point with a wide open view to have my lunch.  I lingered long.  I knew once I was back to my red Chevy that my vacation was over. So, I lingered again.  I knew once I was back to my red Chevy that it would be one more sleep then heading back to cold Calgary. So, I lingered again.  I knew once I was back to my red Chevy that it would be time to face reality again. So, I lingered again. You get my drift!  

I arrived back at the wash, meandered here, chatted with folks then aimed for the palm trees and my red Chevy.  I drove back to Palm Springs to where it felt like home to me and to be.  Thank you for your suggestion on this hike, it was a fine topping to top off this marvellous vacation.

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  1. My lunch break has had to be extended to fully enjoy this amazing vacation of yours.
    I hope Calgary cold isn't too difficult to settle back into. I'm now looking forward to your snowshoe adventures.
    After walking for 3 hours in very sweaty hot conditions very early this morning, I now have to find the energy to get on with household chores.


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