Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Remembrance Day 2014

a bitter cold November morning
just after the sunrise ceremony
when all were gone 
I had my moment

to remember
to give thanks
to place my poppy
because that's what you do

Thank You
for what you do

so brave
so strong
oh so young

to be free
as the wind

never forgotten

Thank You
for what you do

we get to see the sun rise and the sun set

at 11:00 on the 11th day of the 11th month
taking two moments
only hearing a heart beat

so many brave men and women
between the crosses row on row

The beautiful sunrise ceremony at The Field of Crosses on Memorial Drive ended.  Once all who attended left, I took time to stroll between the rows reading names and ages.  News stories were reporting recently, this year's Remembrance Day could hold a stronger meaning.  I felt the tug and was compelled to be at this location this morning.  After viewing name after name after name, I then came to the trio of Nathan Cirillo, Unknown Soldier, Vincent Patrice.  As is customery to do on November 11th, I placed my poppy here on the cross of a soldier.  I took a few moments to warm up in my car, then went walking for a while covering a few kilometres.  I ended up back at The Field of Crosses in time for the Remembrance Day Ceremony.  I wish I had my sun glasses to hide behind.  You cannot deny that this year must hold a stronger meaning when witnessing the number of people attending this Ceremony today in the bitter cold and wind.

The torch be yours to hold it high.

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