Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Whitewater Preserve & PCT Palm Springs Vacation Day 3

Hiking into this area was a definite for this trip.  I had never heard of it before but when I did my due diligence and read that a section of the Pacific Crest Trail passes through this Preserve then there was nothing stopping me. The PCT came to light when I read the book "Wild".  I thought I can go a little "wild" too.  This was my opportunity!  Entering the Whitewater Preserve for a day hike starting at the Visitor Center can only be done between 8:00am and 5:00pm.  I arrived at 8:05 ready to make my version of "wild" happen.  

The beauty was immediate and never let up.  For numerous kilometers, the trail was flat, winding, sandy, rock-lined, shrub-lined, stream-lined, with vistas galore.  About 20 minutes into my hike, it felt wild, it was wilderness & desolate.  It was hot & dry.  It was peaceful & pretty plus there was something about this place.  I could strongly feel the going within and, and, and I just don't know how to describe it, but I let it grab me and I went with it.  

I followed the Pacific Crest Trail north. I could see the trail heading to a far off ridge and I knew I wanted to be up there.  I wondered what was over the other side.  It took a little time to ascend to the top and then I followed the ridge just to where the trail began to head down into another valley.  This was my turn around spot for the North portion of the trail.  The view from this ridge was expansive.  I envisioned PCTers carrying on with their world on their back.  

I retreated and descended back to the valley where I came from and worked my way back to the turn off for the south section of the PCT.  To reach the top here, I enjoyed many, many long gentle switchbacks.  I took time at each switch to admire the scenery.  I reached the top, unload my pack and just took it all in.  In a way I was wishing I could carry on but for today this was another turn around spot for me.  

I made my way back, passed through those two gigantic palm trees, then arrived at my vehicle. I was hot, tired, sweaty and dirty and felt like I had been out there for days which today were all conditions I gladly accepted. I guess that is the feeling you are awarded when you truly let yourself be there.  I like my kind of "wild"!


  1. I admire your kind of 'wild'. I love the early shot of the waterhole. Any thoughts on ever hiking the PCT?

    1. Helen, I have no interest in ever hiking the full PCT from Canada to Mexico but certainly day hikes on portions of it when I hit those areas, is what appeals to me.


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