Saturday, December 6, 2014

Time to Rekindle that Flame

Almost three years ago, I had a urning and realized it was time to fill a void.  Something was missing in my life, so I went on a mission.  I began the search for a new loving relationship!  I shared some inner most deep thoughts with you back in January of 2012.  (To fully comprehend, I suggest reading what I shared in the link.) That relationship was wonderful in the beginning and then that itch set in and the love dwindled.  I realized it was my fault, I did not give it the time and attention it was worthy of.  I was torn and pulled away by another love.

Time has passed.
I have matured. 
I know what I want. 
I know what I have to do to make this relationship work. 
It is now time to rekindle that flame!  
Today, I once again took the beginner cross-country ski lessons at Pocaterra through the University of Calgray.  We learned the basics of striding and gliding, of slowing down and then parking it.  I fell, I got back up,  I laughed, I smiled,  I giggled, I felt like a flame was flickering inside and I was wanting more.  I was truly liking what I was feeling and where this relationship was heading today.
feeling the love
"this is what it looks like"
I cherish winter!  I love the snow, I don't mind the cold, the beauty is out of this world.  When I waivered three years ago, I was being torn away to snowshoe.  I adore that sport.  Being a woman during the 21st Century, yes we can have it all.  I need to figure a way to have two true loves.  

I am excited for tomorrow!  
I feel stronger this time around.
I have it inside me to give what it takes to make this work.  
I know I can turn this into a long lasting loving relationship.

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