Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oooh! Le! La!

For three months, I have been following my countdown clock and it seemed like today would never get here! Finally it arrived, our day at Lake O'Hara in Yoho National Park which just so happens to be a World Heritage UNESCO Site. Lake O'Hara was all about oooohs and aaaahs and ledges and lakes!
We decided upon a route where we could hug the Huber and Yukness Ledges. The ledges are considered alpine routes due to the significant elevation gain, the proximity to cliffs and drops and also unstable hiking surfaces. "Adventure Designer" guided us along these portions of the trail. From all vantage points along these ledges, we had a bird's eye view of lakes, mountain ranges, we even spotted the Elizabeth Parker Hut nestled in the trees in the far off distance.
The lakes came in many colors and varied in size with each being distinct in its own way. Of course, the main attraction is Lake O'Hara itself but one should not diminish the beauty of Lake Oesa, Lefroy Lake, Victoria Lake or Yukness Lake. The lake water is clear and colorful, also cold enough on this hot day to cool your hands and refresh your neck, arms and forehead.
As you check out the next collage, let yourself drift off to these places that I got to experience! I was high (mentally at times too) and I was on edge (mentally at times too). My eyes were full of such spectacular scenery and at times I just had to sit to catch my breath that was being taken away by the beauty.
When we are venturing off on these journeys, you never know what may come across your path. Some things are planned others are surprises and yet still there is the unexpected. If you click on the first photo below, you will see bubbles float by. This was "Sunny D Light's" surprise for us! "Ms D No Stopping Me" brought her kite. Have you ever known of a kite to fly so high from a mountain top? You can't get away from that is! Well, it is the 21st century so what can we expect. Have you heard of Mitchell Fenton? We now have!

This was an absolutely amazing day! Thank you to Sunny "D" Light for securing four coveted spots on the yellow school bus that took us from reality to a place where we could walk through a dream.


  1. wow, gorgeous pictures, so amazing that you get to be out in that beautiful landscape.

  2. Hi Alex, just catching up (again), you make living in Calgary a luxury and you bring us pictures of places we would otherwise never see! Thanks.

    So glad you had a fun time at Forget Me Not Pond, it looks lovely! Happy Belated Canada Day, I love that photo!


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