Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Canada Day

My Canada Day was action packed! It included hiking, ridge walking, snow sliding, scrambling and bushwhacking! All this in one outing attacking Tent Ridge.There was not much information on this unmaintained route to armour ourselves with beforehand other than a GPS track, which today was a God-Send. We bushwhacked for the first few kilometers through dense forest, with no trail what-so-ever to follow, having to climb over large fallen trees that were about 3 to 4 feet in diameter.

Once we tackled that and came out into the open, we could now see where we were headed. The steep climb started which included some scrambling and this is where the wimp in me showed. Scrambling is not my forte (I'm a newbie at this) and I literally needed my hand held at times.

We did this trail in a clock-wise direction as this was recommended for the best views. When we reached the east summit, the amazing views came to light. After that, each summit that we reached we would have views in other directions. As you can see, we could see forever to all four corners of the earth. In the west photo, the far-off mountain to the left is the very distinct Mt Assiniboine.

If you look closely, you will see my friend, he blends in with the rocky mountains. He is scouting out the route, looking for the easiest scramble possible for me. We reached many summits! As we continued to climb, the thought did cross my mind that we would have a long way to descend and I only hoped it would be gradual. At the last summit, looking down, there was no gradual to be seen! I'm a big girl, I can handle this! I did for the first bit where it was tight short switch backs on loose dirt and gravel. Then we came to the next drop part facing east which was snow covered for about 25 to 30 feet down with a return to the rocks and gravel after that. My friend said to dig your heels in the snow for support. I was able to for the first few steps then I lost my footing and slid down the snow, out of control, hitting the dirt, not able to stop and tumbled. He said I did at least three tumbles and it could have been as many as five. Once I stopped, I stayed put to make sure I was still in one piece and to get my heart rate down and my head together. I have cuts and bruises but like I said before, I'm a big girl, I got up, dusted myself off and carried on. We finally made it back to the car about seven and a half hours later. I cleaned up with my first aid kit, changed cloths, had a bite to eat and then we hit the road to head home. On a true day in the mountains, you will see the mountain sheep who think they own the road.

This was an amazingly large day! This was a hike far beyond what I ever thought I could do. I even wonder, if I knew before hand what would be facing us, I may have passed on this one. I am so thankful I didn't! I really believe now that I am hard core!

What a way to spend Canada Day! On top of the world!


  1. Ha ha ... yes, you are definitely hard core! Sounds like an incredible day. Glad you had a happy Canada Day. :)

  2. Alexandra, hi

    I can only echo that, definitely hard core! That looks like some pretty serious 'scrambling'... Excellent illustrative photographs as always. Glad to hear you were ok other than for some bruises & scratches after taking a tumble. Wow.

    Oh - Happy belated Canada Day!


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