Sunday, July 26, 2009

Going For Green

That's where we want to go, to the top of Green Mountain! It's right there! Not far away! Not very high! Right in front of our eyes! That's why we picked this hike for today. Green Mountain was to be an easy, short Sunday recovery day, more-so for my friend who yesterday hiked 30 kms in just under 10 hours with an elevation gain of 1500 meters. This Mountain hid behind a sparse forest with gentle slopes that were covered in wildflowers. You probably know where I am headed with what I have shared with you so far!
We followed the trail and even came across the sign that said "Green Mountain" so we knew we were headed in the right direction. All the while, we got to see an array of magnificently colored flowers which was unexpected for me.
We saw Sheep River Falls, at times they roared and another time they were thunderous. We even had to cross a creek where the water was over our ankles. I was thankful for this creek on the way back, I needed to wash my boot which was totally covered in mud to the rim.

This is the route we took!

This shows where we should have gone!

We never did find our way to the top! We were armed with two fully functioning GPSs and a Gem-Trek Map. This was my friend's second attempt to summit and came away a little disappointed. I wasn't! This was my first time in this area, it was a different landscape which I appreciated. We got to practice our route finding skills. We did vow to do a little more research and down the road, make another attempt to attack.

From the elevation chart, you can see we did a lot of up and down on our quest! The next time we hope the chart will have a totally different profile!

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  1. Oops! Sorry to hear you didn't make your intended destination, but it does look like you went somewhere beautiful regardless!


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