Thursday, July 2, 2009

Little Pond Party

I finally got to see Forget-Me-Not Pond at eye level! Twice I have been on the top of that Ridge looking down onto the Pond and both times saying to myself "I would like to go there one day"! Today was the day for Ms M and I to have our Little Pond Party. We were the first to arrive and got a choice table facing the sun and the pond and the ridge.
While we were setting up the table, we noticed that we could possibly have a party crasher but after scouting us out, the deer decided maybe there were more interesting parties elsewhere and dashed off into the woods.
We passed the time getting caught up on each other's busy lives. It's nice to escape the city getting to a quiet place where there are no distractions. After savouring our scrumptious lunch we retired to the lawn chairs to sip wine and drink the scenery!
It doesn't take long to rejuvenate the soul when you are in the company of a great friend, breathing in the fresh mountain air and feasting on fantastic views. After a few hours, we were ready to return to the city and on the way there already making a plan to return to this little gem!

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