Friday, July 17, 2009

Mish Mash!

Friday night already! Where did the week go! I have nothing to show for it other than two and a half days at home with I don't know what, but it was some kind of flu bug. At least it happened through the week and isn't spoiling my weekend!

You may notice I have a new list to the side here called "Alexandra's Hikes & Summits". The headlines I pick for my hiking posts have been title teasers, not really giving the heads up of what peak I bagged or meadow I meandered. This new blog roll gives a nice clean list of the actual names along with a link to my story.

I have been asking myself, "will I ever run again?" Since the marathon on May 31st, I have only run once. I don't miss it! I don't feel bad that I'm not running! I just don't feel like running! I can't be bothered! Will I get that urge back to run again! It seems so far out of reach right now!

Last Sunday I volunteered for the very first time at a race and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I helped Karen at the Robert Hamilton Memorial Race. I showed up at 6:30 am in time to help empty out her car and set up the tables of food. I also got to help at the finish line. I felt right at home and felt like I belonged yet it did not make me wish I was running. It's always fun to be around runners even when you are not running.

This weekend will be one of my new favourite kind, hiking both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday's hike is all about wild flowers. I never thought I would see the day when I would call an 18km hike with 650 meters of elevation gain, an easy hike. I have my "Central Rockies Wildflowers" already to roll. I am hoping to have lots of pretty flowery pictures to share. Then Sunday's hike is all about glaciers! Hold on tight for that one! I have no idea what I am in for!
As I was putting my lunch together for tomorrow, I realized what a colorful sight it is. Also realizing it looked rather healthy when I wasn't even heading in that direction. I'm sure others would wonder, what's healthy about it? My main course is Greek pasta salad with olives, red and green peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese, green and red onion. I have a tuna sandwich on honey & wheat berry bread to go with that. My fruit fix is an apple, bunch of blueberries, frozen crushed watermelon. For snacking on along the trail, I'm packing a power bar and a mix of dried fruit, salted nuts, raisins and m&ms. To top it all off, what's a hike without a two bite brownie. All this gets washed down with plain water and water/Gatorade mix.
I'm ready for tomorrow other than getting a good night sleep (which may have to be in the basement where it is cooler) as we are into a heat wave here and hoping that the nagging cough has kicked the bucket!

Interested in seeing some pretty flowery photos? Stayed tuned then!


  1. Your lunch looks great! It does feel good to do something completely different than training for a race, doesn't it. I am still running, but a lot less and for a totally different goal, and so I completely get your feeling of not being ready to go back to running just yet. Have a great hike!

  2. Looking forward to the flowery pics! Your lunch looks good & healthy, pasta salad is nice and light and travels well. Also fruit, trail mix, a sandwich and a brownie... I might have lunch early today!

  3. Take advantage of the great summer weather and hiking opportunities while you can. Running will always be there for you whenever you are ready to go back to it. Hope you had a great weekend!


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