Saturday, March 7, 2009

Windward Bound

For a change, I'm throwing in a little of the "mix it up" scenario into my weekend routine! It's just past noon on Saturday and my long run is done! I've been home for awhile after stopping for groceries after my run, I cleaned up, had lunch, did laundry, took the garbage out and cleaned my three bathrooms. Whooh! I can hardly wait to visit my T.V. and sofa!

Today called for 19 km! At the 25 minute point into my run, I thought if I stopped to walk across the ice patch, I might not run again. I felt tired and my legs felt heavy. The whole first hour was into the wind, which was continuous and at times gusting to 35kph (according to my 305). I pushed into it until the 9.5 km mark and felt a big relief when I got to turn around and head east. I took my jacket, gloves and hat off and unzipped my top.

At Edworthy I saw my hiking buddies gathering to head out to the mountains for the day. I really wanted to be with them! They had a great itinerary to attack! I carried on and shortly thereafter, a fellow who I had a few dates with last year caught up with me. In the span of 30 seconds, he said "you need to stretch", "you look stiff", "you should lengthen your stride", "you should do speed work"! Then my 305 signaled to me that it was time to walk and he does not walk so continued on running. Thank you 305, if not for you, I would have heard more unsolicited advice! It reminded me of when I use to be a big time golfer and people just had to give advice on my swing, as if they knew it all!

I love the long runs! Today's was just over two hours and that was perfect for me! I look forward to next weekends 23 km distance. As for today though, the final tally looks like this:

Time: 2:05:09
Distance: 19.23 km
Pace: 6:32 min/km

Now it's time to relax and then finish getting ready for my brother and niece who arrive tomorrow from Nova Scotia, to visit with me for a week! Boy, I feel like the luckiest girl alive these days, almost like I am "on top of the world".


  1. Fantastic! Have fun with the family. :)

  2. That looks like a great run. Well done. It's the tougher ones that make the difference come race day! enjoy your visitors. xx


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