Friday, March 27, 2009

The Lunch Run Replaces The Home Run

I put my new gym membership to use today! These "lunch runs" are going to work for me so much better then those "home runs"! I like this map of today's route. I go from a concrete jungle to a riverside park in about five minutes of running! My 305 didn't kick in until I got out of the jungle but it surprised me and stayed tuned in upon my return back to the jungle all the way to the front door of my gym. The reading that my 305 gave me represents .78 km short of what I actually did and this is what it looked like:

Time: 27:12 Distance: 4.3km Pace: 6:19 min/km

Today was a practice run through of how long it takes me to get to the gym, to change, to get out the door, do my run, shower, dress etc. and get back to my desk! With more practice, it should become a quicker and smoother process.

We are off to explore tomorrow, looking for an old gypsum mine. I was checking out my GemTrek Map to see what neck of the woods we are heading to this time! My map gives a route but whether we follow that is yet to be determined! After all, it's all about adventure!

I love my maps because, to me, they are more than just a piece of paper. They represent so much more! I even blogged about them last year in a post called Map Mania! Since that post, my map collection has grown!

Time to dig out my snowshoes, GPS, camera, pelican snow-flite and decide what attire will be suitable! Here's hoping for sunshine and lots of reasons to smile!


  1. Have you ever tried Orienteering? If you like maps it's a very fun sport. Calgary has quite an avid orienteering club.

    Also, do you do lunch runs on Tuesdays or Thursdays? If you do, and you happen to see a bunch of beginners out on a jog around Prince's Island, give a wave and a hello. The Roadrunners newbie clinic starts this week Tues/Thurs.

    Have fun in the snow this weekend!

  2. Hi Love the view of your running ground. As always the shots you post link us up even though the distance from here to there is great! Keep them coming!

    R x

  3. Nice cityscape map! I used to run from work often when I used to work for an ad agency, the MD was a keen runner too. So you could get fit AND earn brownie points at the same time. I used to pore over maps too, especially before birding trips, checking out the contour lines for walking. There's nothing quite as interesting as a good 1:50,000 map!


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