Sunday, August 10, 2008

Simple Solitude

lost in the kilometers

Today's Run

12 kms
out west and back from Eau Claire
+14 degrees and overcast

Mere grins and positive nods replaced the spoken "good morning" on my part and on theirs! The majority of runners out this morning appeared to be lost in their solitary run just like me! This was my time to plan, calculate, relive, test.

I should soon decide if I want to do the Canmore Rocky Mountain Half Marathon. I still have not entered. It's on September 7th, so three weekends left to get the mileage up to a respectable distance. It's doable! But do I want to do it! I find I am becoming somewhat of a weekend warrior. I want to run, hike and bike plus get everything else done that needs to be done. I need more vacation time, I need it to be an 8 day week, not 7! I need the seasons to be longer!

I saw the new Nike commerical for the first time today! I like it!
"I got soul but I'm not a soldier! Just do it!"


  1. I think we need to instaure the 3 days week-end! I want to do it all too =)

  2. I think we all work too hard!!

    Thanks for your encouragement.


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