Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sensational Scenic Sunday

This is where my friend R and I ended up today!
Chester Lake is a favourite of mine to snowshoe to in the dead of winter! I always wondered what was underneath all that snow. Today it was revealed! Waterfalls, reflections, wide open alpine meadows, wild flowers galore, gigantic rocks called the Elephant Rocks and groomed trails, all these captured my attention like a wide eyed child! Gem Trek Maps rates this hike at a moderate level with a distance of 10.2 km round trip and an elevation gain of 300 meters. The drive to the trail head from the city is longer then the hike up to the Lake but taking time to dine on the lake's edge then venture to visit the Elephant Rocks makes the drive worthwhile. We just had to tack on the mountain sheep-like-trek along the scree at the back of the lake as part of the day's journey.
It was nice to see construction signs at the trail head because we knew then that the area was receiving attention and being upgraded. It's not just the city that is being developed. We were surprised to even see a little plow along a newly clearly path. I could not resist hopping on and taking it for a spin!!! Wild flowers were still in abundance even nearing the end of August. I can only imagine what these alpine meadows must look like in early July when it is peak season for the flowers. I will have to return next year for that! Bear berries were untouched, I felt that was a good thing! Chip was looking for Dale! This little baby grouse was startled still by us, we stayed still and quiet so it could go on it's merry way.
On the return part of the hike, for most of the journey, this was our view! Only realizing we missed it on the way up as we forged forward with eyes on the trail and the view ahead. The mountain views never fail to amaze me.

Thank you R for sharing today's hike with me! The time goes by quickly with so much to chat about. I look forward to conquering another slope with you!


  1. Thanks for your comment. I likethe idea of a 'pretty run' and that was just what I had! I really enjoy seeing your photo's too, they are breathtaking!
    R x

  2. Wow great view of the mountain indeed!!

  3. Great pics as always, I just love those mountain views. I was in Missoula MT recently and a little bit of it rubbed off no doubt. Keep it up!

  4. Oh my!!!! What gorgeous photos!!
    As for my injury, I have NO idea how I ended up with this! On another note though...3 of my cousins (Rosemary and her two sisters have had this...weird, huh?)
    I don't know the treatment yet, she's refering me to someone. I want to be in good form for Elton John's concert the end of Sept.


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